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ICT Unit / Agro Meteorology


 ICT/Agro-Meteorologist Weather Forecasting


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a leading necessity in every sphere of human activities all around the world. It provides a unique platform for archiving, accessing and sharing information. The ICT unit at the Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI) when equipped fully with agro-meteorological supported equipment and appropriate facilities will be considered as a premier unit in CARI in supporting various research programs and related services designed to respond to farmers’ needs in meteorological services and weather forecasting.

Goals and main Trusts

 ü  To ensure a secure infrastructure consisting of scalable network, database management with well-rounded staff trained in the use of information technology and implementation.

 \ü  Flexible enough to adjust to the changing needs of time for global competitiveness which relate to research and extension, as well as the collection, storage and dissemination of weather / climatic data.

 Objective (s)

Provide a centralized information technology infrastructure that will contribute to the development of research , agricultural production, and management activities in the promotion and dissemination of weather forecast results relevant to the our agricultural settings in Liberia.

Design, configure and deliver scalable weather information and internet connectivity.

Management of data involved in the application of weather software.


Developing and hosting of CARI website and email platform, using the Government recommended domain This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and managing all CARI network infrastructures and weather data information to the public and the larger farming populations.

Agro-Meteorological information shall be regularly provided to disseminate weather forecast data and soil temperature services supporting CARI’s seven programs to include Cereals, Livestock, Post-harvest, Natural Resources, Engineering and Mechanization, Bio Technology, Socio-Economic Department,   information shall be availed to farmers and other agricultural stakeholders

 ü  The ICT unit also seeks to collaborate with both print and electronic media in disseminating day-to-day weather forecasts to farmers and other interested stakeholders through the followings below.

 ü  Create a weather data base system for scientists of CARI and other agricultural stakeholder in Liberia.

 ü  Training will be conducted on applied methodologies in the usage of basic weather data collection, and utilization, in obtaining higher yields and increase productivity of crops and livestock products.

 ü  Strengthen competencies of both farmers and scientists with weather data information on the field for production / research purposes.

 ü  Conduct weather data technology survey interviews with farmers on how to use a forecast data and disseminating weather information to farmers in the rural part of Liberia to meet the demands of farmers.

 ü  Organized training plans for farmers and weather forecast package to supply the need of the farmers through the radio and print media and conduct workshop in selected communities on weather forecast information.

 ü  Create awareness for support from agricultural stakeholders and policy makers

 ü  Have a platform for feedbacks and interaction between agro-meteorological radios / television programs and the stakeholders and end-users.

Benefits to CARI and Liberian farmers

CARI, farmers, and other agricultural stakeholders will be beneficiaries to seasonal weather forecasts that will aid small-scale farmers encountering threats and challenges such as climate change extreme weather conditions, and make informed cropping decisions. 

Choosing the appropriate planting materials, and production schedules, by farmers and other stakeholders will contribute significantly to yield increases through the use of short and medium-term forecasts.

Small-scale farmers farm 60 % with little or no technology will be fully aware of the various weather forecast programs that could go a long way to prevent hunger and reduce poverty and boost food security in Liberia.

Why is this program necessary?

ICT weather forecast will create a forum of education for agricultural partners/ farmers who will successfully adopt new weather forecast technology to increase food production in Liberia.

Farmers need information on the timing and duration of rains to make important decisions on when to plant, what to plant, and how to plant. This is especially crucial in the face of climate variability, as changes in rainfall and temperature will have significant effects on production and yield especially the system of rain fed agriculture and their livelihood.

CARI meteorologist unit (CMU) is the main source of information and dissemination on weather and climatic conditions as well as the data, on weather forecast. Yet CMU are often neglected due to the present financial situation at CARI.

Research Programs on Agriculture and Food Security scheme with support from CARI meteorologist and farming populations will boost government agriculture initiative pro-poor agenda. 


The Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI) located at Suakoko, some 180 km north‐west of Monrovia was created in 1980 from the Central Agricultural Experiment Station (CARES) to conduct both adaptive and applied research in agriculture.Read more

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