Ducks Resting House After Swimming

CARI Engages In Integrated Aquaculture

The Head of the Aquaculture Departure at the Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI) Mr. Mandela Hinneh says aquaculture integration is currently the major focus of the department.

Mr. Hinneh said, the department is shifting its attention to other innovative ways of aquaculture farming that will add economic value to the department and the institution.

Hinneh told CARI Magazine that in the current integrated aquaculture farming, ducks will be raised along the fish ponds where the ducks will have access to abundance of water and move around while their feces will be used as feeds for fishes in the ponds

 Mr. Mandela Hinneh
 Mr. Mandela Hinneh

 He said this type of aqua farming will bring in huge economic benefits to CARI as it will be able to market some of the produce.

Mr. Mandela Hinneh wants government and partners to provide the needed support to CARI to enhance research work at the institute.              

The Aquaculture Unit head said CARI has qualified men and women who have acquired quality education around the world and willing to work but lack equipment especially laboratory that is consequential in research work.

Mr. Hinneh assured farmers that despite the many challenges, CARI under the Administration of Dr. Victor Sumo will do its best in working with farmers to give them the needed technical assistance that will help produce food on a larger scale.